Peer Support

We all know “it takes a village”, but few of us have access to one. Postpartum mood disorders are as much as 40% more likely to occur where new families are isolated and put into difficult situations without adequate support. As an experienced mother, I am here to help you get through the rough spots and lend a helping hand.

Unlike a traditional Postpartum Doula, Peer Support Services extend through the entire perinatal period from pregnancy to three years, providing your family with the same loving and flexible support you could call on your mom-friend for. With a convenient prepay plan, I am just a text message away to:

  • Provide knowledgeable breast/chestfeeding support

  • Hold the baby during parental self-care

  • Aide in meal plan/prep

  • Babysit siblings

  • Pick up groceries

  • Do light housework

  • Assist in family outings

  • Lend an empathetic ear

And generally be that extra pair of hands all parents need! At $30.00 per hour (+1 free hour when you prepay for 10), hiring Peer Support ensures parents always have someone in their corner when parenting gets a little overwhelming. Discounts are also available for WIC qualified families.

Contact me today to talk about your specific needs and scheduling.

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