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Birth Expressions

Begun in 2013, Birth Expressions grew out of my personal need to process the events of my own births.  Although it often seems popular portrayals of birth are either dramatic mad-dashes to the hospital or ethereal goddesses effortlessly delivering their perfect angels, the reality for most parents lies somewhere in between.

I created this series to portray the wide variety of birth experiences and emotions by telling the unique stories of real families.  Each piece in the collection is based on a photo and story contributed by real people, and enhanced to better reflect their emotional journey.  Only through discussing and acknowledging the vast array of experiences can we normalize and honor birth.

If you would like to contribute* a photo and story, please click here.  Chosen submissions will receive a free print of the completed piece.  You can also view the collection in the gallery.

*Currently prioritizing submissions by people of color and LGBTQIA communities. Photos need not be professional, or even in focus.  The best stories don’t always get caught in the good photos – far more important is the significance each captured moment has to the birthing person.

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